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Lorell is a small region of the much larger world of Tythin, yet its actions and influences spread everywhere. The region was once covered almost in its entirety by the Jurich Empire, ruled by the Morellan Dynasty which are thought to be all-powerful and close to immortal (said to live and rule for hundreds of years each), with their deaths seen as an act of gods. Within this empire, humans, elves, and dwarves all flourished, trading and living amongst each other. But the empire would not last forever. After its fall, humans became the predominate race as radical groups pushed the elves into forested wilderness by hunting them for sport; elves likewise developed a large distrust for humans and now typically attack on sight, which has caused all humans to fear and hate elves in return. Dwarves now live secluded in their mountains, which they fiercely protect from being trespassed in, especially from humans, who have tried on several attempts (all having failed miserably) to besiege and steal from the dwarves. Humans view dwarves with much contempt and envy for their vast advances in technology that humans deem would be better served in their grand kingdoms. Dwarves and elves have no ill will towards each other, but neither are willing to open to the other. Humans watch over all of the land and oceans from the coastal and river areas, never venturing much further inland due to fear of the elves and dwarves.

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